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Car Studio Lighting

High volume Vehicle Photographic Studio design:

Prolight Direct Ltd working in-conjunction with specialized partners can provide a world class leading solution for professional vehicle photography for every size of business.

These studios tend to be bespoke to the room/client.  If the volume of vehicles you need to process each day is between 60 to 100, you will need a production line process and will need one of our drive-thru vehicle photographic studios.

There are also options for lower volumes.

Depending on what information the client can provide, it’s almost certain that we would need to do a site survey, and that together with the knowledge of what image sets are required and the time available to photograph each vehicle, will allow us to do an accurate quotation.

  1. Budget Lighting:

Roof light only (on/off) with diffusion, requires more roof space.
Using existing roof joist as supports or floor mounted 8m span supports.
Wall light manual adjustment (on/off) with diffusion

  1. Mid volume solutions:
    Based on the client’s image set requirement and the volume of vehicles they require to be processed each day, we can provide a suitable vehicle photographic studio solution


We can also provide a turntable which can be fully controlled.  We can also provide “rugged” turntables for very high volume usage.

Options are:

4.5m diameter with fully integrated control system and above or below ground motor

5.5m diameter with fully integrated control system and above or below ground motor



Our ICC (Image Control Centre) software handles and automates all the imaging and feeds to the client’s website, vehicle portals, manufacturers website and anywhere else it needs to go.  Access to the client’s stock is normally required although if the VRM is the only necessary reference, that is catered for.  It includes ANPR (number plate recognition), file transfer, remote assistance software.

The following images were taken in the studio we built for another customer. They were taken using our automated system by an untrained photographer in the first week of use. He’d had about an hour’s tuition on how to position the vehicle in the centre of the turntable, how to frame the shot and press the button. The images from the turntable camera and the handheld camera images automatically transfer to the Image Control Centre software (ICC) and from there to the web, all referenced to the correct vehicle. We even do an ANPR check to ensure the operator is photographing the right vehicle.


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