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Gallery Lighting

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We supply a range of focusable, precision LED lighting fixtures

Our specialist  can design and install the lighting system for your Gallery/Museum


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The pinnacle of gallery and museum precision lighting

Prolight Direct Ltd would like to introduce the most sophisticated precision architectural / gallery lighting system in the world . Dedolight manufacture the only true precision gallery lamp, totally unique in its design and built to the highest standard of German engineering. No other lamp on the planet can match its stunning performance.

This lamp, which comes with 12 different options, was specifically designed and built for galleries and museums. It was developed from Dedo’s heritage in the Film and TV industry where the Dedolight is at the forefront of precision lighting in every major motion picture.

Due to its unique patented design it consistently out performs all its competitors. This is why 200 units have been installed in The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia, which is considered to be the most prestigious museum /gallery in the world. Dedo Lights are also used in the following galleries and museums:

Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Over 100 Lights

Musé du Louvre Paris

The Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Culture and Art Moscow

The State Tretyakov Gallery (100 lights) Moscow

United States “Bill of Rights” (lit by dedolights) Washington, D.C.

“Museo de la Ciudad” (Museum of the City) Madrid

Schweizer Landesmuseum (120 lights) Pringin

Film Museum (240 lights) Düsseldorf

Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany Bonn

Cairo Art Museum (70 lights) Cairo

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Now available for the first time in the UK

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Introduction to Dedo Gallery and Museum Lighting

Dedolight – precision lighting instruments have been used by professionalsDLAD_02
for over 26 years in the film and TV industry.
Very early cameramen or chief electricians were the ones introducing
the luminaires to museums. Over time Dedo Weigert Film GmbH
(DWF) modified their lights to be useable in museums (DLAD classic);
on Light & Building 2010 DWF introduced their first dedicated museum
range of luminairs (DLAD II).
dedolight architectural and display – DLAD
One distinct form – follow – functions housing incorporates three
dedicated optical functions and several light source options.
A family of 14 – one look.
Taking in respect the needs oft museum applications DLAD II offer an
effective heat management whilst avoiding parasitic light exit.

The DLAD II family consist of three new lights:

Spotlights Symmetric Focusing
Spotlights Asymmetric Focusing

Symmetric focusing fittingsDLAD_03

The focusing spotlight version offers a precise control for a unique light
& shadow definition through a broad variable beam angle (48°- 5°).
A wide range of beam shaping accessories complement these lights
and make them a flexible tool for museums, art galleries and privat
The Symmetric Focusing Spotlights offer an absolute rotation – symmetrically
even light distribution from edge to edge; no falloff, no stray
light – for all of the focusing positions.


Asymmetric focusing fittingsDLAD_04

The Asymmetric Focusing Spotlight is the first focusing light to offer an
asymmetric light distribution. Typically all light sources are positioned
in an angled position (45°). Normally light is reduced with scrims or
graduated grey filters to get an even light distribution on the art work.
Refined asymmetric lenses redistribute the light – not wasting a single
light ray. The Asymmetric Focusing Spotlights offer a focusing and rotatable
beam to cover varying distances and hanging positions.

Imaging / projecting

The Projectionlights evolved from the Symmetric Focusing lights combined
with an imager attachment. With their dedicated optics they offer more
lights than the spotlights with the projection attachment and offer a choice
of different instruments: shapes, patterns, structures, logos and images.
With one of the seven HighPrecison lenses one can create halation – free,
high – contrast, razor – sharp – focused shadow effects in various sizes.


dedolight UV-Cut Filter technologyDLAD_06

All of the DLAD Focusing Spotlights and Projectionlights can be ordered
with the dedolight UV – coating; this effectively limits the UV radiation to
2 μW/ lumen. The filter only affects the non visible spectrum – not tinting
the lightcolor on the object. Drastically reducing the UV will allow higher
lightlevels and long exposure times of sensitive exhibits.

A demonstration of precision lighting with Dedo Lights can be seen at our studio in NW London
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