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3 Light Kit – DLED7 NEO+ (STANDARD)

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DLED7N-BI Bi-Colour Head
dedolight NEO DLED7N-BI is the perfect balance of output strength and control. Like its predecessor, the DLED7-BI, this light draws a constant 90W of power from the DTneo+ ballast by alternating between two 90W diode sets (tungsten and daylight) in its array. This means no matter what color diodes are on at any given time the light is always delivering the output you’ve paid for: not 45W on one color and 45W on the other, but 90W each. You might have experienced open-faced LED lights that require a beam-shaping accessory to get a fixed angle of exit and change the beam size. Moving the light from the subject is often impractical, time-consuming and sometimes impossible in tight spaces. Dedolight LED focusing lights are just not that: straight out of the box the light has a manual focusing range of 60°- 6° (1:10 light ratio). Think about zooming your light just like the Operator zooms the camera lens. Because you can set the exact beam size you want in seconds, dedolights are in a class of their own. If you know the DLED7 series well, the new dedolight NEO DLED7N has the same beam quality and output as its predecessor. The optical performance and functionalities are the same. The new dedolight Neo bi-color housing is shorter front to back as the chassis connector is relocated to the bottom.  The back casing redesign cuts down light leaks even further. The DLED7N bi-color Neo light head is an incredible 30% shorter than the already compact DLED7-BI. The DLED7N-BI Neo head is compatible with all the Small size accessories of the DLED7-BI.

DTNeo+ Ballast
This is where the dedolight NEO series truly separates itself from its predecessor. Gone are the days when you needed to choose between AC, AC+DMX or DC ballasts with the previous DLED series. The DTneo and DTneo+ (wireless option) offer all the functions you wanted in a single ballast and more. Starting with AC/DC operation, the DTneo is a DC ballast with a V-mount plate for battery operation. The optional AC adapter electronics is built inside a battery shell that looks like and snaps on exactly like a V-mount battery.  DMX is now a standard feature in all DTNeo ballasts. Use the simple push/turn knob and OLED displayed menu to select between a deep, smooth “linear” or “exponential” dimming curve, or seamlessly change color, without drifting- even below 10% output (0.1 to 100% dimming range). Take advantage of 1000-point 8-bit linear, or 16-bit advanced control (via DMX/RDM protocol). Select the high-speed setting to shoot up to 50,000 fps flicker-free. In direct tradition with Dedolight long-lasting equipment, the DTNeo ballast hardware and software are future-proof. The software is user upgradable via USB. The DTneo ballasts have an auto-detect feature to recognize and drive all the upcoming DLEDNeo light heads between 20W-90W. That’s not a typo. If you wish to invest for the future, all the NEO heads, including white, Infrared and Ultra-Violet, will all be controlled by the DTneo ballast, up to the Neo DLED9. To put it simply, the DTNeo ballast opens the world to an entire new generation of light heads.

With the “DTneo+” version of the ballast you are unlocking the ability to use wireless control via CRMX LumenRadio and Bluetooth.





• DMX onboard all DTneo ballasts
• Perfectly smooth linear or exponential dimming (user-selectable), with 16-bit advanced control via DMX/RDM protocol. Manual or DMX step-free dimming range from 0.1% to full power
• Wireless control via CRMX LumenRadio and Bluetooth (DTneo+ model)
• Auto-sense the connected light head and automatically adjust the electronic settings and menu display
• Interchangeable attachments for DC battery or AC operation
• NEO features a normal speed flicker free mode, as well as a high speed flicker free mode up to 50,000fps
• Simple, intuitive menu with an OLED display
• Very power efficient electronics
• Future-proof thanks to the Firmware upgradeability
• Mounting hardware slide into the rugged aluminum housing






DLED7N-BI Bi-Colour Head
• Colour temperature: Continuous adjustment from 2700-6500K
• Power: Max power consumption 90W, alternating between two 90W diode sources (2x 90W)
• Focus Control: 60°-6° (1:10 ratio) – Double helix focusing control, moves body and head away from one another with 3/4 turns
• Cooling: Active silent cooling
• Mounting: Dual 5/8″ (16 mm) vertical or horizontal receptacles, or 1-1/8″ (28mm) stud
• Operating Position: Any position
• Accessory Holder: 3″ (76 mm) diameter
• Tilt Control: Permanent friction
• Safety: Protection Class III, SLEV, IP20
• Weight: 1.3 kg (2.9 lb)
• UV: No UV radiation

DTNeo+ Ballast
• Dimming: Linear or Exponential curve settings, smooth continuous dimming and color changing from 0.1 – 100%
• Max Power: 90W
• Power Supply: Only use with 14.8 V battery, or DLPS15-100 AC/DC V-Mount adapter
• Input Voltage: 5 V DC (12-18V)
• Color Control: Continuous – 2700-6500K
• Display: OLED Display screen
• Size: 17.45 x 9.20 x 6.35 cm (6.87″ x 3.62″ x 2.5“)
• Weight: 570g (1.25lb)
• DMX: XLR5 (DMX512-A) 8/16 Bit
• Wireless: Bluetooth mesh / CRMX / RDM

Consists of:
(x3) DLED7N-BI Bi-Colour Heads
(x3) DTneo+ Wireless Ballast
(x3) DPOWN Cables
(x3) DPLS Light Shield Rings
(x3) DBD8 Barn Doors
(x2) DLSR70 Speed Rings
(x2) DSBSXS Mini Soft Box
(x2) DLGRIDS Grid
(x1) DP1.2 Imager Projector 85 mm
(x1) DPGH Gobo Holder
(x1) DPGSET Gobo Set
(x3) DFH Gel Filter Holder
(x1) DGW Gel Filter Set
(x1) DGMD Gel Filter Set
(x1) DGCOL Gel Filter Set
(x1) DPACP Imager Accessory Pouch
(x1) DFXSET Glass Filters Set
(x1) CLAMP1 Clamp
(x3) DST Stand
(x1) DCHDW1 Hard Transport Case
(x3) DTCHVM V-Lock Ballast Holder


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