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4 Light DLED Kit – BICOLOR (BASIC) – 4x DLED4-BI with 2x soft box, DP1.2 and accessories AC only (90-264 V AC, Great Britain cable), comes with DSC2/2-200 soft case

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An excellent location lighting kit conveniently packaged into a small soft case
This kit combines the optical quality and control from the award winning Dedo DLED4 fixture with battery operation and a handle for hand held usage (standard 16mm stand can also be used).

Bi Colour LED
This kit is Bi colour – the DLED4 units display Dedolight’s proprietary LED chip specifically formulated for digital camera chips for the DLED series. Skin tones and faithful colour reproduction will be excellent from this light.

Main Features

Dedolight have combined their award winning optical system with their own colour correct LED technology to come out with yet another beautifully engineered award winning lighting fixture. Certainly the best in class!
• Colour correct LED 40w source
• Continuous dimming with no colour shift.
• With remote electronics and 16 mm (5/8″) stand fitting
• Passive cooling (No Fan)
Dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolour variations. For use as a multi-functional and versatile interview, drama and documentary light, for accents and special effects.

Included In The Kit

4 x DLED4-BI Dedolight focusing LED light head, bi-colour
4 x DT4-BI Power supply for DLED4 bicolour light heads
4 x DPLS Light shield ring4 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
2 x DLSR70 Speed ring for CLASSIC Series and DLED4 light heads
2 x DSBSXS Dedoflex mini soft box
2 x DLGRIDXS Grid (40°), fits mini soft box
1 x DP1.1 Imager projection attachment
1 x DPGH Steel gobo holder (size ‘M’)
1 x GM-GMAS – Gobo Master Kit with
10 x useful window/breakup gobos
1 x DH2 wall holder
1 x CLAMP1 Dedolight clamp
4 x DST Dedolight stands
1 x DSC2 / 2-200 Soft case medium



Size: 83 x 30 x 33 cm (32.7 x 11.8 x 13 “)
Weight: 19,9 KG

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