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50K Soft Sun System

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Luminys developed the SoftSun product line to meet the need for a large, dimmable, daylight source of light. The wide beam of the 50K SoftSun contributes to a tremendous spread from a single light source.A 50K SoftSun requires only three electricians to run power and mount the fixture. If mounted on a crane, no additional labor is needed in the basket due to the remote focus and dimmability of the 50K SoftSun®.

The 50K SoftSun is the only daylight source that offers the ability to dim from 50K down to 1.5K, with a change of less than 100° Kelvin throughout.

• All Weather
• Flicker-free @2,500 FPS
• ESL lamp
• 96 CRI (color rendering index)
• 5400° Kelvin color temperature
• Dimming ca pability 100% to 5% at 5400°K
• American and European voltages
• Excellent hot restrike
• DMX equipped


Wattage: 50,000
Lamp Type: Enhanced Spectrum Plasma™
Color Temperature: 5400° Kelvin
CRI: +96
Dimensions: 82”w x 33”h x 23”d (205 x 83 x 58 cm)
Weight: 210 Pounds (95 Kilograms)

POWER SUPPLY – Flicker Free (DC)

The 50K and 100K SoftSun lights utilize the same DC Flicker-Free power supply.
Input Power: 208-240 or 380 Volts AC 50/60 Hertz Three Phase
Power Consumption: 225 Amps
Dimensions: 25”w x 30”h x 45”d (62 x 75 x 113 cm)
Weight: 440 Pounds (200 Kilograms)

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