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ARRI SkyLink 3 Receiver Kit (with Base station) – Schuko

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Product Description

The perfect wireless solution for ARRI Skypanels is now available. Say goodbye to DMX cables with Skylink.

ARRI and Innovative Dimmers have teamed up to create Skylink: a two-part system that allows for wireless DMX and RDM communication to Skypanels. The Skylink Receiver and the Skylink Base Station use LumenRadio for DMX/RDM communication and a Wi-Fi chip in the Base Station allows for direct control from a DMX control application on a tablet or computer. Setting up a control network has never been easier.

Main Features

  • Two part system: Skylink Receiver & Skylink Base Station.
  • Wireless for all Skypanels.
  • Wi-Fi to Wireless DMX.
  • Fully RDM capable.
  • Compact and rugged design.
  • Power via USB port.
  • Outstanding range.
  • LumenRadio wireless technology.
  • Available in kits or individually.

The Skylink Receiver plugs directly into the DMX port on the back of any Skypanel and receives power from the USB port directly below the DMX. This compatibility allows for Skylink to work with all Skypanel models including the S30, S60, and S120, offering a wireless solution for the entire Skypanel family. The new Skypanel S360 already has Wireless DMX built in and works seamlessly with the Skylink products.

The real wireless magic happens in the Skylink Base Station. Armed with two wireless chips, the Skylink Base Station can communicate LumenRadio’s Wireless DMX and the international standard of Wi-Fi. Therefore, a tablet or computer can communicate, via Wi-Fi, to the Skylink Base Station which can, in turn, communicate the reliable CRMX standard to the Skylink Receiver on the Skypanel. This communication chain supports new and simple ways of controlling one or many Skypanels.

ARRI LED products have always included an excellent implementation of RDM (Remote Device Management) in addition to the DMX protocols. RDM allows for two-way communication with the fixture and enables the ability to change all settings on the lamp head remotely. The Skylink system is fully RDM capable and allows for complete control over all aspects of the Skypanel.

The Skylink Receiver has a unique, compact, and robust design that fits perfectly within the Skypanel family. The Skylink is one of the smallest Wireless DMX receivers on the market and is designed specifically with the Skypanel in mind. The swivel DMX connector allows for the Skylink Receiver to be rotated 180º in order to achieve the best signal strength regardless of the Skypanel’s orientation.

The reliable Wireless DMX in Skylink allows for strong and consistent communication to the fixtures. With an outstanding range of 150 m (500 ft.), Skylink performs well on stage with typical obstructions. In optimal conditions, for example direct line-of-sight, the Skylink can receive a signal up to 400 m (1300 ft.) away. This allows for dramatically increased freedom on set while still maintaining complete control over the Skypanels.

Please note: Supplied with a UK plug adapter.

Technical Specification


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