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Speedbag in heavy duty Cordura + Neoprene Sleeves

The C-Diff 7×7 comes with a  heavy duty Speedbag!

Hang the Speedbag on your stand like a scrim bag for fast exchanges and keeping the C-Reflectors safe.

7 x 7 cm
4 x  Cine Reflectors in heavy duty Speedbag + Neoprene Sleeves

What’s Inside

7×7 Cordura Bag
7×7 cm Cine Reflector Diff 1 + Sleeve
7×7 cm Cine Reflector Diff 2 + Sleeve
7×7 cm Cine Reflector Diff 3 + Sleeve
7×7 cm Cine Reflector Diff 4 + Sleeve
Cleaning Cloth


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