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CONTROL ONE – Starter Kit Hybrid Multifunction CRMX Controller

£2,037.27 + VAT

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The Exalux control one is an all-in-one wireless DMX controller especially designed to control lights with sense and simplicity. Exalux control one is your ideal companion to control your DMX devices on cinema sets. It is also perfect for small TV studio setups.

Exalux control one can be powered with an external power supply (12vdc) , a v-lock battery (14,4vdc) or a power-bank (5vdc).

Included In The Kit

  • 1x CONTROL-ONE Console CRMX By Lumen Radio
  • 1x – XLR4PTS/D-TAP
  • 1x Ravpower Power-bank – 36wh 5vdc + USB Cables
  • 1x Ravpower Charger
  • 1x Exalux Adjustable Neck Lanyard
  • 1x Exalux Transport Bag With Machined Foam

Control one + connect rx100 -perfect harmony

Exalux control one works perfectly with the CRMX rx100 and rx100s wireless receivers.
Control one also works perfectly with other CRMX devices available on the market.

DMX Fader Apps

Fader app works the exact same way than your hardware DMX controller you used for years. Every fader is linked to a DMX address. Easy and friendly to use!
You choose to « master » your fader if you want to. Settings can be saved in one of the 8 available memories and reload with the player apps.

Universal Dimmer Apps

Exalux control one works perfectly with the exalux ledmaster dimmers. Control one also works with others DMX dimmers on the market when the DMX addresses are compatible.
Dimmer app allows to choose between 5 modes : dim, cct + dim, cct + fx + dim, rgb w + dim, rgb tw + dim
Cct range for tunable white can be selected between : 2200k – 6500k | 2700k – 6500k | 2600k – 6200k.

DMX Recorder Apps

The DMX recorder app allows to record 8 sequences of 60 seconds in real time.
The sequences are recorded in memories that can be played with the player application.

Memories Player Apps

Memories players app allows you to play the DMX memories that have been recorded with the fader, dimmer and recorder applications.

Exalux Wireless Solutions

Exalux wireless solutions replaces your DMX cables by a wireless link. One crmx transmitter can be linked to a large number of crmx devices such as receivers, dimmers or led fixtures.

Crmx By Lumen Radio – Reliability And Fidelity

Based on lumenradio crmx technology, exalux control one brings DMX fidelity without any latency.
Crmx by lumenradio patented cognitive coexistence technologies allows our wireless solutions to ensure optimum performance even when other wireless systems are operating in the same area.

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