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EKLA Portable Solar Solution

£4,999.00 + VAT

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 Mobile solar solution EKLA.

Unpack, open, connect…
And voila! You produce your
own green energy
As a kit of 4 mobile and easy-toinstall solar panels with its transport
flightcase, the «EKLA» system is able
to recharge your PESS E-generator
in less than 6 hours or keeping
it fully-charged by powering
equipment up to 1500W.

Technical data.

Power : 1 500 W (4 panels)
Max power (Peak Watt) : 1760 Wc (4 x 440Wp)
Power capacity / day : 8 800 Wh*
Output intensity : 330 Vdc- 12A
Connexion to our Powerbank (MPPT) :
Anderson (50 A max)
Recharge time (BOBINE) : 6 h (100 %)
Recharge time (WATTMAN) :
12 h or 6h with 2x Ekla kits
Weight : 14 kg/panel x 4 (total weight : 56 kg)
Transport size :
130 x 70 x 75 cm, stackable, on wheels with
brakes – total weight : 100kg
Solar surface : 10m²
(2,4m² x 4 panels of 2,18 x 1 m)
Deployed surface on the ground : 20 m²
(10 x 2 m or 5 x 4 m)
Solar cells : Monocrystalline cell, grade A.


• Extremely lightweight for its power (more
robust and lighter than glass panels)
• Easy to install (plug and play)
by one person in less than 5 minutes
• Resistant to rain and dust
• Several possible layouts
• Each panel is foldable and protected with
integrated handle
• Tiltable thanks to the folding foot for the best
solar performance
• Directly connection to Pess E-generators
• Lifetime of the panels over 10 years
• Up to 2 EKLA kits in parallel for a BOBINE
(3520 Wp)
• Up to 4 EKLA kits in parallel for a WATTMAN
(7040 Wp)
• Transport« flightcase« included
• Cabling included.

* Solar energy production : Depends on the season, the weather, the location …


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