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Evoke 900C FL-YK-Kit ( in flight case with Fresnel lens)

£4,850.00 + VAT

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Ever since its establishment, NANLUX has been pushing the boundaries of technology and integrating it into products in order to bring users creative tools with higher efficiency and possibility. NANLUX is in constant communication with users within the industry to explore new possibilities for products. As an answer to the expectation of full colour and powerful point source lighting, the evoke 900C arrives. Equipped with RGBLAC colour mixing system and Art-Net/sACN controls, the evoke 900C is capable of delivering realistic lighting while fitting perfectly into virtual production.
The Evoke 900C is Nanlux’s first high-powered RGBACL spotlight and it sits in an interesting place as it falls right between 600/700W fixtures and larger 1200W options such as the Evoke 1200.

The RGBLAC colour mixing technology on the Evoke 900C enables more colour options,
and the ultra-wide CCT range also renders the accurate sunlight or moonlight while maintaining
excellent light quality all the time.The G/M±200 of △uv adjusting range gives the Evoke 900C the ability of not only calibrating the G/M deviation, matching common light sources or other brands LED lights on the market, but also giving a more cinematic look to the frame.

Extraordinary Output and Flexibility
Full-color LED Spotlight
Rated Power
12,940 lux@3m
With 45° Reflector / 5600K
As a point source LED, a quick switch between soft and hard
light can be easily achieved on the Evoke 900C via attaching
different modifiers. Flooding, spotting and cutting are also
a sure thing in order to provide more light shaping freedom
for image making.


  • Full colour LED spotlight equipped with RGBACL six colour mixing system
  • Claimed output of 40,300 lux at 3m (at 5600K, with reflector), with a rated output of 940W
  • Ultra-wide CCT range of 1,800K-20,000K with G/M±200 adjustment
  • Excellent colour rendition with both CRI/TLCI rated at 96, TM-30 Rf Avg.94, TM-30 Rg Avg.100, SSI (5600K) :73, SSI (3200K): 81
  • Intuitive operation with 3.5 inch full-color screen, 4-buttons and 3-knobs UI design
  • Comprehensive wired and wireless control methods: On-board, DMX/RDM, Art-Net/sACN, LumenRadio CRMX and NANLINK APP
  • More colour modes: Advanced HSI Mode, RGBW Mode, XY Coordinates and GEL Mode
  • Ethernet control upon Art-Net/sACN protocol to seamle


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