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FaderLux Polarised Viewing Glass

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Product Description

The FaderLux Polarised Viewing Glass is a tool for DOPs, Gaffers, Electricians and First ADs which can be used for checking contrast settings, for lamp adjustment, F Stop calculation and calculating cloud / sun intervals. It Is the only viewing glass on the market with a built in UV filter for protection from the sun. (Even with this feature we do not recommend directly looking at the sun for too long.)

Its density can steplessly be regulated by turning the knurled ring. Translucence may be reduced between 1.5 and 7 Stops.

Engraved onto the outside of the fixed ring is an ND – corresponding Stop index; by using the mark on the knurled ring, it is possible to measure the required ND settings

The FaderLux Viewing Glass is 60 mm in diameter and weighs 48 gr.

It is made from anodized aluminium and comes with a padded travel pouch and lanyard plus neoprene cover for wearing it around the neck.

The FaderLux is made in Hamburg, Germany. Each one is assembled and calibrated by hand. All metalwork and further production processes such as engraving and pouch manufacture are carried out by local companies.


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