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Product Description

New L10-C LED Fresnel expands the L-Series

The L10 is the newest edition to ARRI’s L-Series family of LED Fresnel’s, which also includes the portable L5 and mid-range L7. The introduction of the L10 fulfils ARRI’s mission to provide a full line of high-performance LED Fresnel’s to the film, broadcast, theatre and live entertainment markets.

The L10 is the brightest and largest L-Series lamp-head to date. Its substantial 10″ Fresnel lens and powerful output allow for more distant fixture placement and the wrapping of light around objects in a natural and pleasing way. At more than twice the brightness of the L7, the L10 is also one of the brightest LED Fresnel’s on the market.

Tune-ability is the cornerstone of all ARRI LED fixtures and much like the L7 and L5, its smaller counterparts, the L10 is fully colour tunable. With the ability to adjust the colour temperature from 2,800 — 10,000 K, as well as the green/magenta point, users have complete control over the colour output of the fixture.

As with the other L-Series lights, the L10 comes in three versions: the L10-C (Colour), L10-TT (Tungsten Tune-able) and L10-DT (Daylight Tune-able). While the L10-C is the most versatile with regard to colour tune-ability, producing vivid colours with saturation control, the L10-TT and L10-DT are brighter than the L10-C and still offer a select CCT tuning range.

In a robust housing that combines aluminium with high-strength, fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastics, the L10 is designed to withstand the stresses of diverse professional environments, from motion picture sets to television studios and everything in-between. This robust construction allows the L10 to live up to the benchmark of rugged durability set by other ARRI lighting fixtures.

Consuming only 400 watts, the L10 is incredibly energy efficient. The L10-TT and DT versions have a brightness level close to that of a 2,000-watt tungsten Fresnel. This means that with the same amount of power as consumed by a single conventional 2 kW tungsten light, you can run five L10s and achieve almost five times the light output.

The L-Series family signifies a paradigm shift in the way television studios and motion picture sets can be lit. The flexibility and tune-ability of the L-Series allows for rapid and easy changes of colour, which in turn makes more creative options available in a shorter period of time. The colour quality and rendition outperform most LED products on the market.

With the L10 now released, the ARRI LED family represents a full line-up of powerful and versatile fixtures. Whether for a small television studio or a major motion picture, the L-Series can provide the perfect Fresnel light source.

Main Features

Fully Tune-able from 5,000 K – 6,500 K
Plus/Minusgreen correction
15% Brighter than L10-C at 5,600 K
Perfect for TV studios switching to daylight colour temperatures
High Colour Rendering
Low Power Consumption (410 W Nominal)
Fully Dimmable
True Fresnel Lens Light Characteristics
Onboard DMX In and Out
RDM Implementation
USB Mini Connection for Firmware Updates
Available in Blue/Silver and Black
Fan Mode Selection
powerCON TRUE1 Power Connector

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