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Ledzep Punch 1×4

£2,486.18 + VAT

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New Emitters | Never Run Out Of Light

We have more than doubled the illuminance, not the weight.
Ledzep punch features an exclusive led engine based on new incredible high power 60° SMD emitters.
Thanks to these new emitters and their high efficiency, ledzep punch delivers up to 3 times more illuminance (@1m) than the ledzep classic. With the new ledzep punch, you will never run out of light!

Fill Up With Light | Stay Light

To dazzle you more, we have kept everything you loved in the ledzep, including all accessories.
The ledzep classic and punch ranges have the same form factor. This means that the accessories are perfectly compatible from one range to another.

Zepelin Inflatable Diffusion | A Magic Touch To Skin Tones

Our new Zepelin inflatable diffuser will produce an ultra soft and glowing light that adds a magic touch to skin tones.

Powered By Ledmaster | Get The Best Of Your Ledzep Punch!

Designed for bi-colour led sources our ledmaster dimmers allow to precisely adjust the colour temperature from “tungsten” to “daylight” and the brightness from 0% to 100% with an incredible accuracy.

Ledmaster Neo

LEDMASTER NEO is probably the most innovative LED dimmer on the market. It features lots of exclusive technologies which will offer you more possibilities :

  • Patented universal 2000K-7000K CCT synthesizer.
  • 2 individual outputs.
  • RDM ANSI E1.20 compliant.
  • Wireless DMX (CRMX) by LumenRadio.
  • Special effects generator.
  • Adjustable PWM frequency (4kHz >32kHz).
  • CCT presets (3200K, 4000K, 4300K, 5600K).
  • Trigger input.
  • Digital knob with haptic feedback and “analog like” simulation.
  • Rugged control panel with LED display and membrane switch.
  • High current output with phase shifting technology.

Included In The Kit

1 X Led Panel 1×4 (Punch TW2765).
1 X Ledmaster Neo Dual Input 480w CRMX/DMX Dimmer.
1 X 2m XLR4F/XLR4M Extension Cord.
1 X 5m XLR4F/XLR4M Extension Cord.
1 X Power Supply 24v/200w-XLR4.
1 X Dopchoice Diffusion Kit: Snapbox + Diffusion Sheets (1/4, 1/2, Magic).
1 X Swivel Mounting Plate 3/8”.
1 X Transport Bag.
1 X Powercon Cable



Size 1006 X 292 X 21mm
Weight 2,22kg
Cable/ Connector Xlr4 Male/ 0.5m
Mounting Kino Plate
Supply Voltage 24vdc
Power Drawn Tun|day (Preliminary) 171 | 184 W
CCT Range 2700k-6500k
Ra@2700k 95
Ra@6500k 96
Efficiency 85 – 104 Lm/w
FWHN 60°
Illuminance @1m Tun|day (Preliminary) 8 090 | 9 650 Lux
Total Flux Tun|day (Preliminary) 15 530 | 17 530 Lm

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