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Ledzilla2 Bicolour Mini on-board LED light head

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DLOBML2 Ledzilla2 – On Board?-?Light is the second generation of this well-engineered versatile neat fixture, it takes advantage of the latest LED chip technology and has great output coupled with control and high colour fidelity for great skin tones.

• Single, Bi-colour correct LED
• Colour is variable from 2700-6000 kelvin
• Dims without colour shift
• Amazing output in combination with Dedolight double aspheric optics.
• Focuses like a Dedolight – LED lights are usually not focusable to anywhere this extent.
• Clean, sharp, single edge barn door shadow OR a very gentle light and shadow transition with the flip?-?up diffuser in place
• Smooth light distribution in all and every focusing position.
• Comes with Barn Doors
• Front-end bayonet mount allows the addition of attachments and light modifiers..
• Colour rendition and colour distribution is cleaner than comparable LED lights.
Optional battery shoes are compatible with Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon mini-DV batteries.
• NP-F550 7.2?V, 2000?mA, 105 minute run time.
• NP-F750 7.2?V, 4000?mA, 210 minute run time.
• NP-F950 7.2?V, 6000?mA, 330 minute run time.

Main Features

• Power consumption is only 8?W despite its high output.
• Powers from any 6?V to 18?V DC power source.
• When dimmed to 50?% light output, power consumption drops accordingly resulting in twice the run time. Alternative power from any Anton/Bauer or PAG system, car cigarette lighter output or battery belt.
• No other focusing LED light compares – 4?° to 56?°.
• Operates from -?40°?C up to +?40°?C.
• LED power available indicator.

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