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Lites F200 5600K Manual spot and flood

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LITESF200 Series


Lites F200S (Standard), LitesF200MZ (motorized zoom) and LitesF200PO (Pole Operated) are Fresnel luminaire Fixtures that incoporate a 200W cutting-edge LED light-source. The Light output of LitesF200’s may be compared to traditional 1200W tungsten fixture but with the rewarding low power consumption of only 200W. The sturdy aluminium die-cast body makes the Lites F200 aesthetically an eye-catching product and employs optimal heat dissipation. Additionally, the on-board helicoid-screw allows for ample 20°- 60° beam angle adjustment. The motorised Zoom version does away with manual operation. The pole op version uses the De-Sisti pole op yoke system.

The Lites F200 is Flicker-free, and uese16-bit dimming, it has a silent fan with adjustable speed control these are all unique properties of the LitesF200. All LitesF200 models may be operated via either DMX and/or ready RDM protocols. The user friendy digital display facilitates operators’ commands. The Lites F200 comes in: 3000°K 90 CRI, 5600°K 90 CRI and bi-colour (3000°K to 5600°K 90 CRI) these options cover the majority of users’ applications.

Power supply: 100 – 240 V ~  50/60Hz (single-phase auto-setting

Maximum power consumption: 200 W

Stand-by power consumption: 5 W  cos Ø 0,98

Beam angle: 18°-60° via helical screw

Aluminium die-caste body to maximize heat dissipation

Fresnel lens  Ø 150mm

Colour-frame gate dimensions:  185x185mm

Available LED Colour temperatues:  2700°K;3000°K;4000°K;5000°K;5600°K (specify when ordering)

LED CRI : > 90

Expected LED life-time:  50.000 Hrs(Manufactuerer’s specs)

Operating temperature range: -15°C + 35° C

Working position: +90°/-90° on vertical axe

Protection rating: IP 20

Rear handle for good grip of unit ; side-lock on mounting yoke to adjust and set unit to position.

DMX 512 , and\ or  RDM ready Protocols (wireless on request)

Neutrik powercon IN & OUT connectors

Neutrik XRL5 IN & OUT data connectors

4-digit display

Manual operation via 4-digit display

Adjustable LED frequency

Idle fan mode for totally silent use of the unit.

Selection of two LED dimming curves

Unit net weight:  6,9 kg, Gross weight:  7,5 Kg, Cubical volume: 0,0512  m3

Accessory : 4-leaf barndoor


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