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The Lightstar LUXED-2 is a brilliant bi-colour LED spotlight for many occasions. The size to light output ratio is incredible for any small or big filmset or studio. The colour temperature can be adjusted continuously in between 2800K-6500K. Dimming is adjustable from 0-100%.

If you have the choice always go for the Lightstar LUXED-2. It’s robust, versatile and gives you all the light output you’ll need. With the LUXED-2 you are ready to deal with every task and situation. Mounting is incredibly easy and safe. The aluminium casting frame allows you to mount the Lightstar LUXED just anywhere you need it in no time. All of our LUXED lights are ready for flicker free high-speed shootings as well. The LUXED-2 comes with a yoke-mount for easy and versatile mounting. The compact structure of the LUXED-2 is perfect for lighting stands in small areas. The light weights only 8.5kg which makes it a good option for small production companies too.


Series No: LUXED-2
Description: Multifunction Bi-Colour LED spacelite 360W
Material: Aluminium casting
Colour temperature: 2800-6500K
Brightness: 0-100%
CRI: ≥95
TLCI: ≥96
Rated input: DC 100-240V
Accessories: Soft box, Grid  Rainproof cover
Control: Cable DMX  4-channel control per unit
Frequency: 1Hz-50Hz
Dimensions: 763x563x172(mm)
N.W.: 8.5kg
IP Class: IP20


Distance 2m 3m 4m
Illuminance 11000 lux 5000 lux 3000 lux
Beam Diameter 2.4m 5.6m 6.8m


In The Box

1x Lamp-head
1x Cable
1x Soft-box

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