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Product Description

MAXine is the latest addition to the Matthews MAX series of lighting stands, a unique series that will carry the lighting fixture ‘UP and OUT’, away from the main, rear-supporting column and without a rear-protruding arm. Smaller than its predecessors, and because it’s manufactured from aluminum, MAXine weighs in at a svelte 13.5lbs (6kg) and extends to a full horizontal length of 78″ (198cm) at a height of 82″ (208cm) with a maximum load of 10lbs (4.5kg). MAXine will reach a maximum height of 12’10” (393cm) and can operate 16″ (40cm) below the horizontal.

MAXine is a quick and easy set up when you have to get a top, key or backlight onto the subject and the POV restricts the placement of lighting equipment. MAXine’s small footprint 28″ (70cm) and unique patent-pending triangle shape allows for placement in a corner. The fact that there are no rear protruding tubes means MAXine can be placed out of view, out of the ay and almost flush against a wall.

MAXine works just as well in the studio as on location. If the light source is ballast driven, in many cases the weight of the ballast when hung from the center column is sufficient for counterbalance. We recommend a 3:1 weight ration – counterbalance to fixture weights. MAXine comes complete with her own carrying bag.


• Part Number MAXine B377703
• Maximum Height 12’10” (393cm)
• Minimum Height 16″ (40cm) below ground level

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