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We’re excited to share that our MOSAIC TUBES are now available for shipment. Ideal for filmmakers, the MOSAIC TUBES present a lightweight Balloon Light solution, designed with their needs in mind.

As part of our launch, we’ve assembled a video and an array of product images, readily available on Google Drive. We encourage you to share our new products and join us in propelling our sales. Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Our 100W inflatable tube light delivers versatile, portable, and brilliant illumination, making it the perfect choice for every filmmaker.100W RGBWW
Inflatable tube lights, being filled with air and made from lightweight material, offer an effortlessly easy installation process due to their minimal weight and flexible nature.

The innovative foldable design, creates endless mounting options for the Aladdin MOSAIC-TUBE

All MOSAIC-LITES are RGB panels, have a CRI and TLCI over 95 and offer Bluetooth connection to adjust them with the free Aladdin app right from your phone. The MOSAIC plug connection allows you to use gear like the MOSAIC Wired Dimmer (M-WDIM). The dimmer with display offers you physical dialling, a DMX port and built-in Lumen radio. Our Mosaic Tubes are available as a comprehensive kit that includes a variety of accessories like a grid, air pump, and dimmer.

For the MOSAIC-LITES we are introducing the fast changeable LED compounds. They allow replacing small LED parts on your panel, without replacing the whole panel. You can either let it get fixed by one of our certified dealers or if you need a faster replacement and have the technical skill to do so, you can do it by yourself. We are providing a step-by-step tutorial video on how to change the LED compounds at home.

These lights are made for high-end film and photography productions. All MOSAIC-LITES are RGB panels, have a CRI and TLCI over 95 and offer bluetooth connection to adjust them with the free Aladdin app right from your phone.


Light Source: 100W RGBWW

CRI: CRI 95 / TLCI 95

Colour Temperature: 2200°K – 12000°K

Beam Angle: 140°

Input : AC/DC 100-240V / 14.8V

DMX: DMX / LumenRadio / Bluetooth

Dimming: 1-100%

Size: 4ft / Φ20X120cm

LED Panel weight: 1kg

AIR TUBE 4 weight: 1kg


1x TUBE 4 LED Panel
1x AIR TUBE 4 (incl skirt)
1x Mounting plate
1x Stand adapter
1x Stand adapter knob
1x Extension cable power
1x Extension cable wdim
1x Wired dimmer
1x VM plate
1x VM clamp
1x AC adapter
1x AIR pump
1x VM holder
1x Case


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