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ParaZip 215 DMX Yoke Mount, 230VAC

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Product Description

ParaZip 200 DMX Yoke Mount, 230VAC

The ParaZip 400 and 200 luminaires complement the expanding line of Kino Flo soft light fixtures for television broadcast studios. The sleek ParaZips display a wide, soft beam of incandescent or daylight quality light (CRI 95) that can be dimmed up or down. The ParaZip 400 has switching and dimming controls, the ParaZip 200 features dimming only.

Main Features

• Low amperage draw, energy savings
• Long lamp life, low lamp replacements, low maintenance labour
• Low operating temperature
• Low air-conditioning costs
• More efficient heat management design for stable colour temperature
• Full spectrum (CRI 95) lamps available in 3200K and 5500K
• Kino Flo 55W lamps also available in 420nm blue and 550nm green for blue and green screen applications
• High colour rendering True Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI’s
• DMX control for stable colour temperature and light level control
• Colour gels do not burn out or fade due to low heat of fixture
• Traditional Yoke Mount with two position setting, Pole-Op
• Honeycomb louvers 90°, 60° and 45° reduce the need for barndoors


ParaZip 200 DMX Yoke
Input Voltage: 230VAC
Output Frequency: 30kHz
Amperage: .6A – 240VAC
Dimming Range: 100%-5%
Lamp Switching: 2 – off
Lamps: 2 x 55W CFL
Dimensions: 127 x 29 x 14cm
Weight: 6.5kg

*Pole Op Versions available

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