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BABY STAND – Aluminium black air cushioned.

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Super-stand is a heavy-duty stand made of steel tube (black and chromed) diameter 50 to 40 mm, with 30 mm square section legs, capable of supporting a load of 35 kg at more than three meters in height, reachable in two extensions, ideal for supporting large lights in entertainment contexts and in theatre sets.
The stand is equipped with a universal head with 16 mm male and 28 mm female spigots. The joints of the crosses are independently adjustable, ensuring extraordinary pliability in the opening of the base. The level leg allows it to be adapted to uneven support surfaces.
Crosses and sleeves of the super-stand are made of die-cast aluminium. No element is produced in thermoplastic material. Joints between legs and crosses are made with self-locking screws and nuts, rather than rivets, to facilitate maintenance. Lower crossbar connecting rods are double-ended to ensure maximum stability.
The clamping joints are equipped with a device that ensures the tube is locked with a minimum rotation of the knob. The closing of the stand is regulated by a safety system, consisting of a spacer that prevents accidental damage to fingers during the descent of the rods.
It is possible to install the wheels for the movement, and the pneumatic system (air cushion) to control the descent of the rods under load. The stand can be customized with company motifs and colours, with the insertion of anodized aluminium spacers in the head and level leg.


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