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SENNA Light Wall 20

£12,750.00 + VAT


Light Wall 20 is a powerful luminaire with an amazing strength of over 22,000 LUX @ 3m (25 degree lens version) . It is composed of 20 LED panels, all controlled wirelessly with control plate,DMX or an application for your smart phone, which enables you to set the lights quickly and easily.

It also allows you to make 6 light scenes which can be recalled at any point by simple pressing the button. Using the Application for your smartphone or Tab, allows you to make as many light scenes as you like. In addition to that, you can store different playlists of scenes which you can load any time. The scenes and playlists remain stored even when you turn off the system.

The application for your smart phone, allows you to give different names to the scenes and playlists, to set fading between them or add strobe and chasing light effects.

If you need only quick remote dimmer/temperature regulation, without additional features, there is small practical Gaffer-Station control plate.

The Wall runs on mains power or on Li-ion batteries so it can be used outdoors as well. It can also run on 8  V-mount batteries using the V-mount adapter.
You can choose between bicolour or daylight wall.


• Wireless light control
• Controlled with control plate, smartphone App or DMX
• Dimmer and temperature regulation
• Light scene storages and playlists
• Fade control between the scenes (0-100%)
• Strobe and running lights – adjustable speed
• Power – 1600w
• Bicolour 3200k-5500k or daylight 5500k
• Flicker-free bulbs
• Beam angle – light wall : 75°, 60°, 25°, 15°

• CRI – 95+
• Runs on batteries or mains power
• Dimensions 1mx1m

Light-Station Console Features:

  • Wireless light control.
  • 6 bank/24 channel system (4 channel per bank)
  • Remote dimmer and temperature regulation
  • 6 light scene storages
  • Auto memory recall and cycle option
  • Fade speed between the scenes (0-100%)
  • Strobe and running lights– adjustable speed
  • Special effect presets– fire, candle lights, thunder lights, tv, police lights…

Included In The Kit

• Light Wall. (20 LED panels in a frame)
• Power supply.
• Cabling.
• Protective casing.





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