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Stella CL 2000 Action Kit

£635.00 + VAT

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The Light & Motion Stella 2000 Single Point LED (spLED) Light sets the new standard of power and portability in professional lighting. It delivers 2000 lumens of 5600K light while weighing 504 grams (just over 1 lb) including its integrated Li-ion battery. The compact and cord-free modular design allows the Stella 2000 to be secured to a camera, mounted to a stand, or can be hand-held with optional pistol grip for ultimate portability.
The Stella 2000 is the next generation of professional level lighting – delivering cinema quality light from its Chip on Board (COB) Single Point Lighting Array that is comprised of 18 emitters arranged in concentric circles. The COB lighting array delivers the optical characteristics of a single-point light source, simplifying form and design, reducing the light field in single and multiple light set-ups and eliminating the multiple shadow effect that can be a problem with multi-dot light sources.

It also features flicker free performance, necessary for ultra high-definition footage. Designed to handle any environment, the completely waterproof design runs un-tethered at full power for 50 minutes and includes an external power supply for longer shoots. Stella 2000’s smooth 120-degree beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a light that renders colours beautifully with consistent, reliable, regulated output.
The Stella 2000 is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and can withstand repeated 1 meter drops on concrete. Proudly built in our California manufacturing facility, all Stella lights are backed by Light & Motion’s 2 year ‘Enhanced Experience Guarantee.’

Included In The Kit

1 x Stella 2000 Unit.
– YS Mount Pro.
– C-Stand Mount.
1 x Barn Doors Light Modifier.
1 x 50° Optic.
1 x 25° Fresnel Lens 82mm.
1 x 3″ Speed Ring Gel Holder, 82mm.
1 x Glo Bulb, 82mm.
1 x Power Supply 12V.
1 x Soft Case.


Main Features

  • High Output “Chip on Board” LED
  • Certified TLCI 90, CRI 90, CCT 5600° Kelvin
  • Output up to 6,260 Lux at 1 Meter (804 Lux at 3 Meters)
  • Integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery provides 50-415 minutes of cord-free operation
  • Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design
  • Regulated lumen output – does not fade during use
  • Dimming with continuous or stepped control
  • Fan-free thermal management for silent operation
  • Controlled beam angle from 120° (native) to 50° & 25° (with modifiers)
  • Broad range of accessories including Chimera adaptability*
  • Coloured LED indicators give accurate battery status
  • Runs off wall power, DTAP, 12V, External Battery Kit
  • Fast Charge of 1.75 hours, 80% Charged in 1 hour
  • Certified IP68 waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and can withstand repeated 1 meter drops on concrete. (FL-1 Standard)

*Compatible Accessories: Chimera Micro Softbox MFR #1355, Spinlight 360® Modifiers















Lumens 2000 (high), 1200 (medium), 300 (low)
Runtime 50 min (high), 105 min (medium), 415 min (low)
Beam Angle 120° (flood), 120° (native), 50° (modified), 25° – 120° (range)
Color Temperature 5600k
CRI 91
LUX 6260
Beam Distance 126m
Charge Time 105 min
Fast Charge Yes
IP Rating (FL-1) 68
Depth Rating (FL-1) 100 meter(s)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 504 grams
Product Dimensions 4.8″ x 3.62″ x 3.62″


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