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Stella Pro CL 10000c INTL

£799.99 + VAT

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The Stella Pro 10,000c represents ultra-powerful output in a substantially compact, portable package. Progressive engineering and robust construction provide assurance for flawless performance in critical situations.

The Stella Pro 10000c is the most compact, powerful,rugged corded LED light in the industry. The Stella Pro 10000c provides “HMI” type high output with robust reliable performance. Perfect for use in the studio or for on location “”Live Shots”” in direct sun. Stella Pro is a new concept in professional lighting, delivering beautiful cinema quality light in an ultra-portable design. Professional durability and water resistant design allows light to be utilized for on-location shoots. Stella Pro’s smooth, even, 120-degree beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a light that renders colours beautifully with consistent, reliable, regulated output. With a wide range of mounting options and lighting modifiers, you can do things not possible with conventional lights. Stella lights are proudly built in our California manufacturing facility and feature a 2 year “Enhanced Experience Guarantee.”

Included In The Kit

1 x Stella Pro 10000c Unit
– High Leverage Handle
– Umbrella Holder YS Mount Base
– C-Stand Mount
1 x Profoto Adapter.
1 x Power Supply 24V.


Main Features

  • High Output “Chip on Board” LED
  • Certified TLCI 93, CRI 90, CCT 5600 Kelvin
  • Output up to 20,580 Lux at 1 Meter
  • Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design – tested at 1000 fps without flicker
  • Regulated lumen output – does not fade during use
  • Continuous dimming with control ring
  • Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
  • Controlled focus from 120° down to 50° & 25°
  • Broad range of accessories including Profoto and Chimera adaptability*
  • OLED Digital Display for precise readout
  • Runs off AC or DC supply (13-25V)*Compatible
  • Accessories: Chimera Micro Softbox MFR #1355, Chimera Super Pro XXS Plus Lightbank MFR #1000 with Chimera Speed Ring MFR #9610, Profoto OCF Softbox 2′ OCTA & Profoto OCF Speedring (w/Profoto Adapter), Spinlight 360® Modifiers


Lumens 10000 (high), 700 (low)
Beam Angle 120° (flood), 120° (native), 50° (modified), 25° – 120° (range)
Colour Temperature 5600k
CRI 92
LUX 20750
Beam Distance 273m
Charge Time
Fast Charge No
IP Rating (FL-1) 54
Depth Rating (FL-1)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 750 grams
Product Dimensions 4.1″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

The Pro 10,000c illuminates with a commanding 10,000 lumens and delivers 20,580 LUX at 1 meter with available Fresnel. To maintain constant output at these substantial power levels, the 10,000c integrates a variable speed fan that remains off until the light exceeds 5000 lumens. At full power the diminutive Stella Pro 10,000c delivers the equivalent light output of a 400w HMI more than 4 times its size.

Durability and all-conditions portability are hallmarks of the Light & Motion Stella Line. The 10,000c features IP54 water resistance to be fully capable for challenging outdoor shoots.

Like all Stella lights, the new Stella Pro 10,000c passes the rigorous FL-1 standard drop test, passing 6 drops, one per side, on concrete from 1 meter.



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