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SUMO100+ Bi Colour 3000-5700K Gobo Mount Kit

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Product Description

SUMO100+Bi Color 3000-5700K Basic Kit

The SUMO100+ is a professional LED film and photography production light that combines high light output with outstanding light quality. This is an extremely rugged, lightweight fixture designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on set. The durable aluminium construction, intensity and high quality colour rendering literally lighten your workload.

The SUMO100+ can function independently, as a Master controller for additional SUMOLIGHTs via integrated DMX/RDM, or as a slave using a DMX console or another SUMOLIGHT. The intensity and, for bi-colour models, the colour temperature, can be controlled.
The SUMO100+ combines low power consumption with the versatility of variable power input. The light works with the provided power supply or any suitable battery with a voltage range of 12-48 VDC, such as V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries..

SUMOLIGHT  designs and produces advanced LED lighting fixtures with a special focus on simple, easy to use and durable lighting tools that save our customers time and headache.

SUMO100 PLUS  Bi Color 3.000-5.700K Basic Kit

 Whats Included?

photometrics-100p(1xSUMO100 Bi Colour, 1×30 + 1×60° Lens, 1xLow Loss Exagon Diffusion, 1xQuick Release Ball Mount with 3/8″ Pin, 1xPower Supply, 1x3m Extension Cable)


◾Calibrated variable Bi-colour output 3,000 -5,700 K
◾Ultra High Colour Rendition Tlci 99, Cri 95, CQS 95
◾Powerful Output up to 1,800 Lux [167 fc] at 3m [10 ft]
◾Interchangeable Optics for 30°, 60°, 120° Beam Angle
◾0-100% Dimming Range
◾Flicker Free at Infinite Frame Rates
◾DMX/RDM Interfaces
◾Master/Slave Control Mode – One light controls others; no Dimmer Board necessary
◾Passive Cooled, No Fans or Moving Parts
◾90 W, 12-48 V DC input for V and Gold Mount Battery
◾Fixture Weight 2 Kg [4.4 lbs]





The introduction of high efficiency LED lighting has given rise to a number of unintended and possibly expensive consequences for both television and film production. Studies already undertaken had shown the lighting industry colour-rendering index to be inappropriate for television because of the floating white point. The aim of the LED Lights Project Group was to show how these studies could lead to the design of a “Standard camera” model, much along the lines of the human CIE “Standard observer”.

The TLCI quantifies how well a set of test colours are reproduced when illuminated with a given light and viewed through a standardized camera and TV system. It compares the differences in colours produced by the light source under test with those produced under standard lighting conditions. It assigns a value (from 0 to 100) to each light tested, and that value provides an indication of how much colour correction would be required to produce acceptable results with that light.
To learn more about the TLCI please visit

-More than 440 LUX at 3m (40 fc at 10 feet) with wide lens (60° full beam angle)
(More than 120fc at 10′ with 30° optic)

-Less than 100 Watts of power.
-60 ultra-high color rendition LEDs
With TLCI of 96-98 which makes it the highest scoring LED ficture on the market.
-Highly optimized thermal design
-Passively cooled; no fan, no moving parts
-Strong, durable, lightweight CNC machined aluminum housing
-Weighs less than 4.5lbs (2kg)
-Fits in standard airline carry-on luggage
-Ultra long LED lifespan, up to 100.000 hours
-DMX/RDM protocol support for use with dimmer boards
-Master/Slave control mode – one light can control others;
no dimmer board necessary

0-100% DIMMING
-Smooth, accurate dimming and color adjustment
-Zero flicker at all frame rates and dimming levels
-No color shift across 0-100% dimming range
-Universal quick release non-slip ball mount (RAM Mount)
-3/8-16 threaded holes for easy rigging
-Powered by any 12-48VDC battery with standard 3-pin XLR
-90-240VAC compatible power supply
-Color temperature adjustable between 3000°K and 5700°K
*Single color models also available
-Interchangeable lenses 30°, 60° and 90°
-Diffusion panels and honeycomb
-Frameless softbox, and Lantern
Sumo Light Manual

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