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SumoMax, Stand Kit version (fixture, power lead, stirrup)

£5,550.00 + VAT

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High-output ready for Image Based Lighting and virtual production. An interactive lighting tool, fully integrated into current control environments.
A modular and versatile light that performs as a keylight, hardlight, punchlight, spacelight, or softlight.


The LEDs

With considerable advantages when it comes to building light boxes, light walls or other arrays. Fixtures can be arranged to create what one needs to suit the job. For enhanced lighting creativity cells within the structure can be controlled as a group or individually.

Mounting & Rigging Accessories

The unique one-click quick-release connecting system effectively allows multiple fixtures to safely and easily combine into powerful unlimited size arrays. It provides a secure screw-free interface to truss systems, standard junior pins and other grip hardware.

Safe for indoor or outdoor use, SUMOMAX is IP65 rated for maximum safety compliance regardless of conditions.

Flexible Light-shaping

Thanks to its interchangeable optics module, beams may be enhanced and directed from narrow 20° native up to super wide 120°. For added illumination control, SUMOMAX works with an array of light shaping tools that transform it from a spacelight to softlight to a high intensity fixture.


Each fixture comes complete with an internal power supply, integrated touch screen, DMX, Art-Net and CRMX / Lumenradio. SUMOMAX is designed and engineered to seamlessly integrate with the existing SUMOLIGHT family.

Form Factor

Its streamlined, hexagonal profile measures:

582 x 504 x 200mm

22,9 x 19,8 x 7,9 inch

Effects & Pixel Mapping

Apart from the common effects, due to its high pixelation, it is capable of being controlled and serves as an interactive source for light reflections. Integrated into virtual production workflows.




  • 500W Power (Boost Mode: 950W)
  • Noiseless Passive Cooling
  • Image Based Lighting with 19 Pixel
  • Up to 107000lx at 1m
  • 20° Native Beam Angle plus changeable Optics


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