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Quick expandable LED-Wall for smart VFX integration

As shoots become faster-moving and more fluid with the huge advances in VFX, lighting and camera, there’s a new opportunity to create subtler, more reactive backdrops.

With years of installing and illuminating painted backdrops, we’d never found a solution that can project enough light, in the right colour, and without any spill. Workarounds included using extra lighting layers to create skylights, sunlights or any motivated light. Achieving the needed results took weeks to rig, increased costs in time and materials, and required too much studio space.

To solve this problem, we created the SUMOSKY.

The new SUMOSKY is a quickly riggable, slim, backlit, multicoloured and versatile system that goes from neutral grey to green, blue or any other colour. Recreating skylights, night lights, sunsets, or sky domes for stages is suddenly simple. When combined with harder sources, lighting effects are possible if doing process work in vehicles or fast-paced VFX work.

It’s a cheaper, simpler alternative to the full-immersion video wall. It also works with traditional translight backdrops to enhance light or colour changes, as well as Rosco Projection Screens and SoftDrops™.

The SUMOSKY simply rolls out of a compact hard rolling case and can be hung in minutes with a very easy setup, allowing you to create your own desired large-scale digital canvas, backdrop, greenscreen or bluescreen.

Super efficient handling.

  • Quick installation — Saves rigging time and set-up cost.
  • Slim profile — minimal use of studio space.
  • Self-retracting function.

Pixel mapping.

  • Intuitive control via image and video sources.
  • Resolution up to 10 cm pich [20×38 pixel per fixture].
  • Full spectrum effective 16 bit per channel, 80 bit per pixel.

Intuitive & simple controlling.

  • Pre-set functions and full custom control.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Laptop or light-desk control.
  • Paint control mode.
  • Image or video as data source possible.
  • Video control via hardware option.
  • Video preset playlist.
  • Moving lights dimming to zero.
  • Flash and strobing.
  • Auto-addressing of all light bars.
  • No need to address every single fixture compared to traditional solutions.

Superb light quality.

CRI 95 white light for superior spectrum.
Full spectrum effective 16 bit per channel, 80 bit per pixel.
Flicker free.
HDRI long latitude / light probe (Lichtkugel).
Perfectly homogenous lit surface.
No banding — Smooth background for keying.
Flexible — Easy changes in post of the scenery.
No green/blue keying necessary for keying, saves time in Post (30% – 100%).
*Instant* dimmable green or blue screen, still possible.

Advantages over LED-display.

Flexibility in Shoot and Post. Only need colour and light with rough spacing.
Faster keying of details through soft background.
Shooting with multiple cameras possible.


  • 30m2 per fixture (2m x 15m).
  • Easily stackable to more than 100 m lengths
  • Up to 2290 Lux EVENLY ACROSS 30M2 SURFACE
  • Distance of LED-bars to screen 40cm
  • External control via Art-Net or SUMOSKY Control Software

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