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SUMOSPACE Light Kit Yoke (2,800-6,500 K)

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Product Description

SUMOSPACE Light Kit Yoke


SUMOLIGHT presents SUMOSPACE, the next evolution of the SUMOLIGHT system. Building on our years of experience with the SUMO100, the SUMOSPACE incorporates the suggestions, comments and criticisms of gaffers and Directors of Photography the world over.

You asked for a bi-colour fixture with the output of a 6k spacelight and the power consumption of an LED, for vibrant colour rendition that needs no adjustment or filtering, for entirely passive cooling without fans, for interchangeable optics, and for a light and durable construction under 5.5 kg including all the power components. You asked for a light without a bulky external power supply, and without a heavy bag of fabric and steel.

With the SUMOSPACE we invite you to reimagine with us the concept of studio overhead lighting. Our collapsible ring construction folds into a tiny bag. Our high efficiency diffusion panels can be combined with optics for incredible output and beam control. Come experience the future of lighting with SUMOLIGHT.


What’s Included?

1x Power Supply
1x Head Feeder Cable
1xPower Cord
1x Hangers
1x 30° Lens Set
1x 60° Lens Set
1x Yoke



0 - 100% DIMMING

Flicker free at infinite frame rates and dimming levels
No colour shift across 0 – 100% dimming range
Smooth and accurate colour adjustment 3.000–6.000 K


Passively cooled, no fan or moving parts
Highly optimized thermal design with SUMOLIGHT heat-sink technology


Interchangeable Optics for 30°,60°,120° Beam Angle


Powerful Output up to 13,000 Lux [1,200 fc] at 3 m [10 ft] 500 W Power Consumption


DMX/RDM, Ethernet and wireless interface


Ultra High Colour Rendition TLCI 99, CRI 95


Fixture Weight 5.5 kg [12 lbs]


Sumo on YokeSumo Space colour
Reflector Skirt




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