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X21 HyPer Optic

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SkyPanel X HyPer Optic – L2.0048580

For a brighter, longer, rounder beam

The HyPer Optic is a hot-swappable attachment for SkyPanel X that transforms the fixture into a native hard-light luminaire with one single rounded beam. It is specifically optimized for direct long throws and powerful bouncing effects from a distance, delivering an impressive output and a refined light distribution.
The HyPer Optic is an optional item for SkyPanel X. Two units are needed for its use as one single beam with the X22 square format; and three for the big X23 vertical format. Its installation takes no longer than 2 seconds and it allows for the attachment of filters in front of the lenses, such as the Beam Enhancer filter made explicitly for SkyPanel X or the existing legacy diffusers of the Classic SkyPanel line. For a snoot option and more accurate control, the HyPer Optic can be combined with the DoPchoice SNAPBOX®-SNOOT for X21 and the DoPchoice SNAPGRID® 30º for X21.

Fits perfectly the front of the SkyPanel X
72 individual lenses collimated into one single beam
Includes eyelet for safety wire and easy handling.

Size: 708 x 104 x 323 mm / 27.9 x 4.1 x 12.7 in
Weight: approx. 4.8 kg / 10.5 lb

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