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Studio Lighting

Lighting design for studio applications


Who we are:

Prolight Direct Ltd has, in its technical director – Ossie Jung, one of the industries most experienced lighting professionals.  Ossie has worked on numerous projects in the film and TV industry for many years and brings his hands on working experience to bear on all Prolight Direct projects, regardless of size and scope. At Prolight Direct we offer real image creation experience, a real understanding of all the current lighting technologies and a real ability to employ this equipment to its best advantage.

What we do:

When we take on a project or a brief for a client, whether it is just advice or full detailed planning and installation, we assume responsibility for the success of the project and work hard to provide the best solution within the budget.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and offer our advice and planning based on real experience and knowledge.

Our Service:

Our service can be as simple as correct advice, but, we also offer bespoke design, planning and installation including client training.  Our services can be tailored to suit each individual client.  We offer a free consultation on all projects and can offer all levels of support on an on-going basis.

General Advice
Regardless of the size of the project or quality of camera package, lighting is key to achieving professional and compelling images. The two areas of planning that can sometimes be given less than adequate budget and thought are set design and lighting design. Without these areas being executed well, regardless of how much has been invested into other technology, images can and do appear two dimensional, flat and with inferior colour rendition.


Up front studio 1 Shoe lighting cat walk



White cyc lighting 1 white cyc lighting 2


Training and consultancy

At Prolight Direct our primary goal is to help produce images that are of a high and professional standard.  Our experience in both the film, television and photographic industries places us in a unique position to offer the latest advice and equipment to ensure the most efficient and professional systems available.

All of the people involved in the design and planning of studios have direct experience in image production on a professional level and regardless of the size or scale of the job bring a desire to create the best possible images with the resources available.

Studio design
Lighting design
Planning including drawings
Installation advice
Set design advice
Technical advice
Production of final image


studio-pic-5 studio-pic-6


If your studio does not require a set, do you have a background or logo? Do you require branding or are you shooting against black? All of these scenarios will help to advise on the best combination of equipment to achieve problem free images.

Planning & Budget
Regardless of size of project it is a good idea to have some idea of the setup you will be shooting. Will it have a set, a simple background or a chroma screen?

If it has a set it will help in the process of planning the studio if these ideas are shared with the lighting designer as early as possible. This will ensure that the budget is effectively spent and will avoid unnecessary waste, it will also help provide the most appropriate equipment and ensure the best images.


Studio design questionnaire

In order to help us design the best solution for you please try and obtain the following information for us:


B&Q discussion doc  B&Q discussion doc


Technical Details

Studio dimensions
Grid height
Ceiling height

Number of Cameras
Is a control desk required
Is there an exisiting grid
Is there a floor plan
Is there a set design


5m x 2.8m Studio mainIMG_1780 low res

Backup of Backup of Generic

Cat Walk Set Up


Type of usage
News Desk
Interview set
Weather set
VR setup

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Prolight Direct Ltd supplies the best brands in professional Film and TV continuous lighting equipment and studio lighting kits at the most competitive prices.
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